Saturday, May 2, 2009

One plus One

I have two sets of friends each expecting babies in November. The pairs are worlds apart and, other than being caring, committed people who happen to be my friends, don't have much in common with the other couple. One guy is early 50's with two grown kids from his first marriage. His remarriage a couple years ago to a great gal with a busy career suggested that new kids weren't on the agenda. I was, of course, wrong, and am thrilled for them.

The other couple is in their early 20's, unmarried, and just finishing school. She'll be a great mother, no doubt, as she's had a lot of experience providing care. Professionally, she's a respite worker for special needs' kids. I was pretty shocked when I heard the news. They may have been more shocked to learn they're expecting twins.

Two worlds. Two vital, expectant mothers. Two dads ready to be there.

Before You Start

Prior to jumping in to the care of a new person, get over yourself. Do you know how selfish you are? So, it's a good idea to practice thinking of others; putting others first.

You may want to start small. How about a pet? Borrow your friend's cat for the weekend; see how that goes. Or, just jump in and adopt. You'll
soon learn if you can handle looking after someone else.

In our case, the first born was a Schipperke; a Belgian shipping dog. She'll be twelve in August, which isn't remarkable because she is well-taken care of. Juno responds with love and a gentle territorial protection that any parent would love. Our biggest challenge is keeping those teeth clean. Juno was the canary in the coalmine; proof that selfish adults can think and care for others.